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On this page, I will introduce free mint works and collection works that are available for free.

Chromatic Layers

“Chromatic Layers” is a captivating collection of minimalist abstract oil paintings, where the beauty lies in simplicity and depth. Each piece in this collection explores the interplay of color, texture, and form through the technique of layered brushstrokes.

In these paintings, the artist skillfully applies a limited palette of colors, building layers upon layers of translucent paint to create intriguing compositions. The result is a series of works that exude a sense of harmony and balance, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the subtle nuances of color and texture.

From serene gradients to dynamic contrasts, each painting in “Chromatic Layers” offers a unique visual journey, where the viewer can contemplate the interplay of light and shadow, surface and depth. Through the language of color and form, these paintings evoke a sense of tranquility, contemplation, and wonder.

Experience the mesmerizing allure of “Chromatic Layers” as you explore the delicate balance between simplicity and complexity, unity and diversity, in this captivating collection of minimalist abstract art.

There is no deadline or number limit.

Abstract sculpture of literary beauty

This sculpture is an abstract representation of a beautiful woman born from a newspaper page. The layers of paper form her head and her flowing hair, conveying the beauty and poetic nature of her words.
It seems as if there is a story hidden behind the sculpture. **Newspaper pages are inscribed with past events, people’s voices, and literary words. Her hair seems to be part of the words, spinning a poem or a story.

The layers of paper overlap, telling the story of the passage of time. **Newspapers are updated daily and information continues to flow. This sculpture suggests that it is born and changing within this flow. Her hair seems to envelop history, culture, and people’s memories.

Abstract forms imply infinite possibilities. **Sculptures do not have specific characteristics and are left to the imagination of the viewer. who is she? What kind of story does she have hidden in her heart? It’s up to the viewer.
This sculpture celebrates the beauty and magic of words hidden within paper. Born from the pages of a newspaper, she tells us endless stories. Her beauty and poetic presence will touch her heart.

“Abstract Sculpture of a Literary Beauty” is a work that celebrates the fusion of art and words. Viewers will be able to discover and feel their own stories through her hair.

There is no deadline or number limit.

Award-winning work

wisdom of humanity

wisdom of humanity on Zora

Pop Art – More close to you

There is surprisingly little pop art. I’ve made it free because we want people to more enjoy pop art and art works more closely.

・Pop Art – Close to you

・Abstract sculpture of literary beauty

・Chromatic Layers

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The work will end as soon as it runs out on 1/1. Please purchase through secondary sales.

About the pop art series.
Originally, I was thinking of selling the first collection I dropped for free on 2matic. Regarding the second series above, I was thinking of selling it from 3matic to 4matic.
If the free drops sell out quickly, I will feel better and may decide to do a third drop of the works that were originally planned to be sold at 5matic and above.

Please comment.

Of course, any comments about the work are also welcome.

Other than that, I would also like to know if anyone is dropping their own work for free, please let me know the link.
Let’s make this page even better for the users viewing it.

Not free, but a collection on drop

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